This post does break my rule about posting photos/video of people that don’t know they are being filmed but I’m looking at these guys and taking a guess that they really wouldn’t care. I have no idea where this video is taken but it made me smile.

Three mates who are clearly very athletic and nimble, running around practicing flips and tumbles nude on a beach without a hint of self consciousness makes for really enjoyable viewing. I don’t think they are “real” gymnasts given there is not a straight leg or a pointed toe in all of their tumbling but they clearly have some kind of experience. I’m sure everyone on the beach was enjoying the show. Unfortunately the nude beaches in Sydney aren’t big enough for this kind of thing and they don’t tend to attract the kind of guys that would really do this. It’s a shame because it looks like a lot of fun.
UPDATE: I’m trying to get permission from the video uploader to post it here. Click through to vimeo to watch it here.

Stunts from Christian P. on Vimeo.