With the Mardi Gras parade two weeks away that means it’s time for Fair Day. Community Group stalls, food stalls, LGBT Sports group stalls, live music, food and a lot of people wearing rainbows. That’s what fair day is. Add some great weather and even a dog show and it was a lot of fun. This year Fair Day is in a new venue and I prefer it to be honest. It feels more intimate than the last venue and better suited.

Having not been able to go to the official Mardi Gras launch announcement a couple of months ago it was a real buzz to see the EQUALITY letters featuring my photography in the park. The My People My Tribe #barenakedtruth project is the official face of Mardi Gras this year and the MPMT float is the lead, official Mardi Gras float in the parade. It was great to see some of the participants and Josh who organised the project and is now himself doing some of the photography as I have only seen him a couple of times since the five days of shooting that we did and I haven’t seen most of the participants at all since our brief interaction in the studio setup.

Saturday 4th March will be the first time I’ve done the parade in about 6 years having done the Lifesavers 5 years in a row. Thankfully in the MPMT float we will be wearing T-shirts and shorts. I’m not feeling up to dancing up the street in speedos this year. The old girl ain’t what she used to be!