At the end of an ideal sexual encounter, I’ve always thought that whoever is involved should be covered in a few things. Sweat, cum and saliva. Now I’m not talking about spitting on each other, that’s not really my thing, but since mouths are sucking on body parts, licking and kissing others there is going to be saliva. The cum is a bit of a given and the byproduct and end result of a good time with someone. Sweat is a pretty good indication that you’ve had a bit of rampant fun. Or if you are in Sydney in the last month, you weren’t lying still in a refrigerator.

When I see those grindr or scruff profiles that say don’t wear deodorant, or a man should smell like a man I instantly dismiss them. I’m quite fond of personal hygiene and deodorant. If you are turned on by the musky smells of a sweaty man then that’s great but do you need to take that smell on the bus to work with you? No. Getting sweaty in the bedroom however is a lot of fun. Sweaty skin is slippery skin and that adds another tactile element to the fun doesn’t it?

This video is all about sweat. It’s a beautifully filmed piece by Berlin based director Matt Lambert for a series Define Beauty. I’ll be intrigued to see what the other pieces are about. In the mean time, enjoy!

Define Beauty: His Sweat – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.