It’s amazing what a week or two will do. Two weeks ago I couldn’t have cared any less about going to the gym and training. I had no energy and just wasn’t interested. Last week and this week I’ve actually been getting back into a groove which I sorely needed to get back into. I’d say this week’s energy is related to cooler temperatures overnight which means I’m sleeping better, as is most of Sydney after weeks of sweltering.

I’m also getting back into a groove with circus class. We are about four weeks into the new year and new term and the strength is slowly coming back and I’m having a bit of fun with it too. Monday nights class was actually the fifth anniversary to the day that I ripped my biceps off the bone so there was a little apprehension on Monday night heading into class but clearly I’m here typing with fully functioning arms so nothing bad happened.

My diet still needs work but even that has improved marginally. This evening I wasn’t in the mood to cook but I made myself make something simple and healthy at home rather than spend a lot of money on buying a meal from somewhere and it not being healthy. Now I just need to find some discipline in my eating habits and I should start making a little bit of progress in losing weight and toning up a bit in time for European adventures.