Here in Australia, it’s already that very conflicting day, Valentine’s Day. Where single people are a little bit glum, new couples are smug and over the top and couples that have been together for a while are over it and don’t care.

This Valentine’s is a weird one for me this year. For the first time in my adult life I’m single and perfectly happy with it, but I also have a date tonight. It’s a very low pressure pub meal with a guy that I’ve chatted to on Grindr. Interestingly we met for a coffee about 8 years ago but it never went anywhere for some reason. I have very low expectations and I’m going to be perfectly happy one way or the other, whether it goes anywhere or it doesn’t.

In a conversation this morning with my boss, we were discussing how in straight relationships it’s always the women putting the pressure on their man to do something impressive for the day. Why is that? Why can’t men be wooed by their women? We gay men are a bit luckier really on days like this. When you break some conventions just by being a gay couple, the rest of the rules go out the window.

It feels appropriate to share this Marriage Equality video yet again. It was time 5 years ago when this video was made, and it’s still time. Hurry Up Australia.