My last boyfriend had a real issue with my nudist tendencies. He couldn’t shake the feeling that nudity and sex are intertwined and to an extent he’s right. For me sex should be naked but being naked doesn’t equal sex. There are days when lying naked in the sun and seeing naked men walking around gets me in the mood for some fun but by and large I go to the nude beach to relax. If I do get in the mood for something I would and have taken myself around the rocks to see if anything is going on. Sadly not all beach goers are as considerate.

There are always one or two guys at the nude beach who keep themself a bit semi hard and usually wear cock rings. It’s always the same guys at my beach. Firstly I do not understand a cock ring for a nude beach. It’s not “just jewellery”. It’s a sex accessory. Today, one of the regular guys with the semi and cock ring combo deal crossed a line for me. The beach was crowded and at one point he stopped almost right in front of me a few metres away. He had more than a semi hardon going on and it was no accident. He was even flexing it to make it bounce a bit. After a minute he walked away which was lucky for him because within two or three metres of him, playing were a little brother and sister of about 3 or 4 years old. Thankfully they didn’t see it.

Unfortunately about half an hour later I look over to my right and about 10 metres away, there he is in the water up to his thighs openly stroking his hard cock next to a group of three women. I couldn’t help myself. I charged over and called out to him. He tried to avoid the confrontation but I followed him into the water and splashed him to make sure he stopped. “Stop fucking masturbating on the beach! Stop walking around with a boner. These women don’t want to see it, I don’t want to see it and there are fucking children here you asshole!” I kinda let him have it. He just said “yeah yeah, I’ll stop” and drifted further into the water. A few minutes later he walked out of the water, no boner to be seen. He then moved his chair to a quieter part of the beach. I was LIVID. One of the women said thank you to me making me wonder if they would have felt like they could say something if I hadn’t. Would anyone else?

It’s that kind of disgusting disregard for everyone else that gets nude beaches shut down. From now on I won’t stay quiet around those creeps.