A couple of years ago I posted a poll here on Aussielicious asking what it was that stops people going nude. A lot of guys responded that it was the size of their cock or their general body issues that stopped them. We all have moments like that. Last week my nudie mates and I had a nude drinks night at a mate’s place and one guy didn’t come because he wasn’t feeling confident enough. To be honest I’d contemplated not going as well because I’m feeling out of shape but I went and I’m glad I did because my friends don’t give a shit.

Nude beaches are generally populated by older people in less than amazing shape. Obviously there are people of all shapes, sizes and ages on nude beaches and at clothing optional venues but there is a reason that the cliched nudist isn’t a men’s health cover model.

There are no requirements to being a nudist other than taking your clothes off. I am always amazed by the guys that spend hours in the gym every day who are shy about their bodies. Sometimes I wonder if the more time you spend on it, the less secure you are about it. So guys, don’t worry about the size of your dick or your love handles. Just drop your pants and get out there.