If you have 20 minutes spare, I ask you to watch this video. It’s not flashy and it’s not sexy so it breaks from the norm for this blog. It’s difficult at times to watch but it is necessary. It tells the story to Tom and Thordis, and their road to closure after a teenage romance turned to rape. The world needs more of this kind of thing. More women like Thordis to teach other women that they can overcome the trauma of rape and more women like Tom who are willing to step up and wholeheartedly accept responsibility for their actions.

Women are taught to stay safe, dress appropriately, don’t go to certain areas all in an effort not to get raped. Why aren’t we teaching men not to rape instead? It would do so much good if men were prepared to be uncomfortable and admit the horrible truth that we do not own women’s bodies, they do. We do not get to take women for granted or do what we want with them. The vast majority of readers of this blog are gay men and I realise that it may be the wrong platform but we all have mothers, we all have sisters or aunts and should all understand that women deserve so much more respect than the world affords them.

Read the article here and watch the video below.

Update: I’m sorry. The video seems to have been removed for some reason. The video is on the TED page here.