My time in Denmark in 2015 taught me a few things. The Danes are the most beautiful race of people I’ve ever come across, or perhaps it’s a Scandinavia wide blessing. They have life pretty sorted. The  city of Copenhagen works well, people escape to the countryside and the simple pleasure of riding a bike around is incredibly popular. The men all seem to have three legs. Obviously that is a bit of a generalisation but I did see several Danish men in an unofficially nude part of a park and in showers at a public pool who all seemed to be more than blessed. Cheekbones like that AND a massive penis? I guess it’s compensation for the weather.

This video from Denmark also proves that they do social conscience very well too. It’s a beautiful video that shows elegantly we shouldn’t judge people on first impressions alone, or at all. To all outward appearances these different groups of people had nothing in common but then they found different common ground ultimately unifying them all. When you watch the video you’ll see one man walking out alone, being the only one to answer yes to one of the questions. It is a question, or perhaps the answer that makes some people uncomfortable but instead, he got a round of applause.

In this very racially and politically fractured world we are living in it’s important that lessons like this are still being learned. Look for the similarities not the differences.