Any good personal trainer or nutrition expert will tell you that consistency is the key. Consistency in diet and training will help you make progress. Sadly that is where I fall in a heap unless you are talking about consistently not being consistent. That’s me in a nutshell.

I’m the guy that buys a bunch of vegetables etc for healthy eating then gets invited to a pub meal one night, a birthday dinner the next etc until my vegetables are a revolting liquid in the “crisper” of my fridge. The same can be said about my training. The last couple of weeks have been horrendous for me in terms of my efforts at the gym. I’ve been going fairly regularly but barely training at all. To be fair I don’t think anyone in Sydney has slept well for a few weeks due to ridiculously warm nights and insane humidity. Think about sleeping in the steam room at the gym and you get the idea. So running on a lack of good sleep has left me out of energy and completely devoid of motivation. Until last night.

Yesterday was stupidly hot and sticky once again but I went off to circus class and was really motivated and did all the conditioning exercises and really enjoyed it. After an hour and a half of climbing, swinging, crashing and dragging my fat arse upside down I went home sweaty but happy. After something (full of calories) for dinner I went to bed. It took me ages to get to sleep but this morning I got up and hit the gym, again oddly motivated. So a circuit style fat burning workout it was and about half an hour later the floor was covered in my sweat, my shirt was soaked and I was done.

Let’s see if I can’t maintain this level of enthusiasm. I’ve got 4.5 months to get myself in shape to catch the attention of the Icelandic Vikings, Germans with big sausages and sexy Greeks.