This post is going to come across as a bit pathetic and whiny but I promise it’s not meant to.

Several years ago I posted a few times about the fact that I am pretty convinced I’m a carrier for the Love Ebola. I’m only a carrier because I never seem to be infected with love, just seem to infect friends of mine into loving each other. Sometimes it’s just because I find someone attractive and they maybe sense it so they go and end up in a beautiful long term relationship with someone else to avoid the awkwardness. To be honest I thought I’d been cured. There hadn’t been an introduction in a while, accidental or otherwise but nor was I in a relationship. So I assumed I was no longer carrying the love ebola at all. Sadly I was wrong. Although this may just be a lust ebola.

Once again today two people commented on a Facebook status of mine and then both independently messaged me asking about the other one. It makes perfect sense. They are both very hot and very much the others type so of course. It’s awesome to think that I’ve facilitated a few relationships beginning in a small way.

Since none of my friends have ever introduced me to anyone, not legitimately, I can only assume that none of them have ever received a message asking “WHO is that Brenton Parry guy?” followed by a bunch of love heart emojis. The couple of times my friends have tried to set me up with someone they clearly have only been giving it a half arsed attempt. One guy was described by my mate as being “not very good looking but he’s a really nice guy.” The first part was true and the second part was a lie. He was an arrogant arsehole. At another breakfast that my friends have subsequently denied was a setup the guy was so self absorbed that no one else really got to speak so that didn’t work out either. I told them to stop trying.

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon my Facebook comments section is going to be a hotbed of lusty introductions. I can feel it.