It’s no secret that my friend Joel Devereux is a very talented photographer whom I admire a hell of a lot. He’s recently launched his FOODP*RN book and exhibition in Brisbane and being the incredibly hard working guy that he is, he’s constantly working as well as entering competitions. Joel recently entered the MELT portrait prize with the beautiful image above called “Distance”.

Joel has described the image as “A tale of two cities, the work is glimpse into the world of long distance cross-cultural love. Living apart for most of the year due to work, the image of the couple, Ryan & Julian, was created during a rare moment of togetherness in Brisbane in 2016. After a chance meeting, the work captures the story of an American & Australian embarking on an ambitious journey that would put many relationships to the test. This is a study of hope, trust and love in the modern day.” If you like the image, feel free to click “Like” on the image at this link which means you are voting for it in the MELT competition.

Given the current political climate, a long distance relationship between Australia and the U.S. is one fraught with stresses on top of the usual associated with distance. Here’s hoping these boys make it work!