In just over a week of being President, Donald Trump has done more to ruin the reputation and credibility of The United States than Reality TV could ever dream of.

He is completely devoid of intellect, compassion, class and eloquence, all attributes overflowing in his predecessor.

Trump has already removed health care from millions and now his ban on entering the states from very carefully selected countries shows the true level of his evil. Interestingly it’s being reported that no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil have been committed by citizens of those countries yet countries that have committed terrorist acts on US soil have been left alone and it just so happens that Trump has business dealings in those countries. I am not 100% that is true but it seems like something he’d do.

Do I think he will serve four years in the job? Dear god I hope not and I doubt it. At the rate he’s going he’ll have broken the record for the most unconstitutional events and be impeached quick smart. Maybe this is the wake-up call the world needs, if we survive him, to realise that backward thinking and uninformed lies are not the way forward for politics. In the meantime I won’t visit the U.S. while he is in power. I just can’t.