Andrew is a friend of a friend. That friend being the first guy I ever photographed nude, Erik. Andrew and Erik were apparently talking and Andrew who is learning a bit of photography was coming to Sydney and wanted to be involved in a photo shoot with me, whether it be assisting or modelling. Since I didn’t have anything planned to have him assist on, he was thrust into the spotlight.

Andrew is one of those fantastic straight boys with lots of gay friends who is as comfortable hearing about our shenanigans as he is telling us about his. He’s done some modelling and acting before and he was very comfortable in front of a camera. Even when I threw a piece of wet sheer fabric over him, he didn’t seem phased at all. Those photos are yet to be edited. I’m still trying to decide what treatment they are going to get. As you can see from the shots above though, Andrew’s Italian heritage mixed with his stunning clear blue eyes means that he could look like any number of nationalities. He and I had a laugh at the absurdity of what I was making the poor man suffer through during the shoot. It must have felt horrible having a piece of clammy wet fabric clinging to him. He said he really enjoyed the experience though.

Andrew has just made the switch from being a 9 to 5 office worker and is about to head off on a big adventure with no end date in sight, becoming a digital nomad. He’s already amassed quite a following on his Instagram account and I’m sure that will grow!