There are a few of the world’s perceived “A-gays” who are doing very nicely on Instagram and seem to live glamorous lives. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen but whatever the case, we rarely hear about people’s beginnings. Levi Foster has 220 thousand followers on Instagram and moves in some cool circles, friends with Kyle Kreiger and Max Emerson from what I can tell. I don’t follow these guys religiously, nor am I even that invested.

Today I came across a new photographic collaboration that he’s shared on his tumblr, called “Doubting Thomas”. Levi has collaborated with photographer Luke Fontana to create a mini photographic essay exploring Levi’s history, growing up gay and Mormon then rejecting the confines of that history. It’s a beautiful collaboration. The lighting and mood are exquisite and elegantly express that mood of darkness that I’m sure Levi felt growing up somewhere he didn’t feel like he belonged. Clearly Levi has a fantastic body, and there are lots of photos of it on his Instagram but the nudity in this series is far from gratuitious. Personally I think it beautifully shows the vulnerability and then his growing strength once he found his feet outside the Mormon world. I was surprised to see him go (subtly) full frontal and liked the way that too was elegantly done. What a beautiful collaboration.