Today has been Australia Day. A day typically reserved for getting drunk, having a barbecue and celebrating our national day. I haven’t done that. The weather hasn’t been great and I’ve been studying today having a very quiet day.

I’ve been in a weird mood for the last week or so. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any sexual contact and while I’m not craving sex as such, although that would be great fun and very much appreciated and enjoyed, I’m craving some less adult touch. I’d kill for a cuddle to be honest. To fall asleep spooning or being spooned by someone would be absolute heaven. It’s too warm to sleep like that through the night but I would love to feel someone else’s breath, heartbeat or just some skin on skin contact.

A good massage would do the trick for a while, one of those beautiful massages where the hands aren’t gropey but they aren’t shy about brushing your balls. A massage where the modesty towel isn’t necessary and in an ideal world, the masseur is nude too. I’ve had several “happy ending” massages and they are all well and good but don’t rush the massage to get to that. Let the energy build slowly by doing a good job of the massage first.