Watching lots of youtube videos as I have been, by the likes of Ben Brown and Lost LeBlanc I have seen some very beautiful drone footage. These guys always take drones on their adventures to capture a different perspective of their locations. My boss has bought himself one and I’m sure I will get a chance to learn how to use it at some stage but after seeing all the beautiful footage around taken by drones I would dearly love one of my own. Obviously that’s not an option financially at the moment. Once I have this European adventure behind me (so excited) it is time to work on replacing my dying computer and then a bit further down the track, upgrading my camera. A drone is a luxury that just isn’t on my radar at the moment but we can all dream right?

In the meantime, I know I’ve posted this before but I thought this clip was fun and suited the blog, it’s some straight porn filmed on a drone. There is nothing explicit in it so I’m fine with posting it here on the blog. Enjoy.

DRONE BONING // Featuring Taggart & Rosewood // from GHOST+COW FILMS on Vimeo.