Back in College my class was taught how to do calligraphy and I loved it. I can’t claim to have been good at it, nor did I practice very much at all. It did leave me with a huge appreciation of the creativity, talent and patience that it takes to do a beautiful piece of calligraphy.

Rajiv Surendra is an actor, writer and calligrapher. Apparently he was in Mean Girls but since I am apparently the only homosexual man in the world that hasn’t seen it, I wouldn’t know. While he was filming Mean Girls he read the book “Life of Pi” and decided that he was destined to play the lead character. That destiny didn’t actually turn out to be the case but he has now written a book about the experience of campaigning for the role. That book is “The Elephants in My Backyard”.

Also being a calligrapher, Rajiv has created this beautifully hand drawn cover for his book in chalk. Thankfully for us he’s also created a video of himself putting it together. This is the level of “behind the scenes” video I would like to get to. It’s so simply but beautifully done and clearly Rajiv isn’t exactly adverse to being goofy. A sexy, beautiful man who takes himself less than seriously is a very attractive man indeed.

Chalking up my cover… from Rajiv Surendra on Vimeo.