Through a conversation recently with someone, I came across Hegre-Art, an erotica/porn company created by photographer Petter Hegre. It’s straight erotica and very much focuses on the woman, aimed at women. That seems like a strange thing for me to have found, I get it. Personally I’m quite happy watching straight porn, bi porn, gay porn and all sorts of porn so as long as it’s done well, I’m fine. The videos don’t actually even have that much sex in them so they are more erotica than porn.

The guy that is in the first one I found just turned me on so much. He is completely focused on getting the woman off in a sensual massage video but he is stunning. He’s completely shaved which I know will turn a lot of you hair connoisseurs off. Unfortunately though on the Hegre-Art site, they only seem to credit the women and all I know of this guy is that his name is Alex. Nothing else. No idea if he’s done any other porn or even a last name. A couple of the photos above were taken during this photo shoot where he has two women balanced on him, all nude and watching him walk around naked is so beautiful. Then there is this video where he has some tantric massage fun with another woman but at least we get to see his boner. Interestingly I believe that is a little nude beach about 40 minutes walk along the coast from Sitges and I went there in 2015 when I was there. Beautiful spot. Sadly he wasn’t walking around that beach that day with a boner. Oh well.

Anyway, Alex looks so clean cut and gorgeous which is a type I’ve always liked, that you could pretty much take him home to mum and she’d still approve even though he’s a porn star.