This weekend I’m heading to Wollongong where I grew up to catch up with some old school friends and to spend time with my parents. Another motivation is to go car shopping with my father. My car is 15 years old and it needs to be replaced. I fully accept that cars are not my thing and I haven’t looked after it properly but there are a growing number of things happening with the car that make it too costly to repair. More than it’s worth that’s for sure.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough money so my parents are being amazing and lending me some money to buy a new car. I love them for this and appreciate it more than they know but it makes me feel like I might be failing at being an adult.

Now, I can hear you all warming up your commenting fingers telling me about my impending trip to Europe. That is the reason that I can’t afford to replace my car. Maybe I have my priorities out of whack but for me travel is a priority. I will pay my parents back as soon as I can and there will be a minimum weekly repayment agreed to but at 43 should I be able to buy a car if I need to without help? I’m not entirely sure.

This failure to adult well seems to be common. One friend of mine is sleeping on a mattress on the floor because he’s just moved house and can’t decide on what bed to buy. A work colleague (the junior) seems to often be complaining about a lack of money but then spends a LOT of money on her boyfriend’s birthday adventure. Maybe all of us have our priorities out of whack?

I know that living on a single income in Sydney is an expensive way to live, but then there is all that freedom of being single in a great city… See, I can’t adult.