In just over 5 months I will be taking off on my adventure to Europe. A lot of my energy recently in planning this trip has been spent on Greece, trying to find accommodation. Now that part is all sorted I’m thinking about all the fun I can have in places like Berlin. My time in Cologne will be spent meeting up with a long time reader of this blog and relatively frequent buyer of my photography, Thomas. He has promised to take me to a good traditional sauna in Cologne so I can experience the awesome attitude towards communal bathing and nudity.

Lots of people have mentioned that I should go to Berghain when I’m in Berlin but I am not a big clubbing person anyway and the thought of lining up for a couple of hours to be turned away for an unknown reason is too much for me. For a full on explicit experience another friend has recommended Laboratory, right near the Berghain but catering to all sorts of fetishes. They did warn that you’ll be able to smell the rooms you don’t want to go to.

I’ve just spent some time browsing my nude friend Kirill’s blog Active Naturists and his reviews of all the nudist friendly elements to Berlin. It would seem there are several parks, lakes, pools and bars to visit while I’m there. It would seem remiss of me to NOT find a nude part of the Tiergarten and strip off to enjoy the ambience for a while. Last time I was in Berlin it was about -5C and the Tiergarten was not somewhere I was going to strip off. An older man did try and cruise me one afternoon in the park but as well as him not being my type, the below freezing temperature and even colder wind chill would certainly have impeded any fun had I been interested.

I seriously cannot wait for this holiday to come around. Planning so far out gives me something to look forward to but it’s also a bit torturous.