It feels like the world is getting more and more disconnected from reality. Reality tv is anything but. Journalism hasn’t contained the truth in a long time and “the gays” seem to prefer anonymous sex on drugs than they do anything with the possibility of a real connection. That is a sweeping generalisation I know but something I see happening a lot ore often than it should. People can have as much anonymous casual sex as they like but when you are scared to be intimate without drugs it’s a little scary.

Lately several people I know on Facebook have entered into relationships. I’m very happy for them but why do people need to post every status update about things they are doing with the disclaimer of “with my man” or with “my love”? Maybe I’m wrong but it really feels like people are shouting “Look! I told you I’m lovable! SEE SOMEONE LOVES ME!!!” Some of these guys had only been seeing their “love” for a week or two.
One guy posted that he hadn’t had time to go Christmas Shopping and a few people commented that it was because he had spent all his time posting gushy over the top statuses about “my man”.

Can we please make 2017 the year when people realise that a few people clicking the “like” button on Facebook or double tapping your photo to give it a like on Instagram does not validate your relationship and/or your existence? Instead of going for a walk or something with your partner and thinking you’d better put it on social media to validate it, what about just going for the walk and relishing all the good vibes? Put the phone down, hold their hand and appreciate them. If you’re focused on updating Facebook about it, they’ll wander off while you aren’t looking.