A friend of mine yesterday told me about a website called Patreon where artists like myself in various fields create a profile and people can pledge to back you with a certain dollar amount per month or per creation. Looking further into it I decided to create a profile to see if anyone was willing to back me and my work. I’ve never asked for money from readers of this blog because I chose to do this for my own entertainment. Creating art is a bit of a different beast. I chose to become a photographer and create these images but there is a lot of time invested in my photography and sometimes the shoots have costs involved so perhaps this might be a nice easy way to make some of that money back.

I’m not asking people who read this blog to pledge their money so that I keep creating. Like most people creating artistic works I would do this for free and have been doing it for a long time now. I’m just letting everyone know that I’m on there if the mood strikes. The Patreon platform offers a way for people to show their appreciation with a monthly backing of as little as $1. This is certainly not likely to make me rich but there are musicians and artists who have large followings but who may not have major record label deals or the backing of galleries doing their publicity, who are actually making the equivalent of a solid wage from Patreon.