Over the past week I’ve come across situations that have really pissed me off or at the least really challenged my patience. They aren’t situations that I feel would be helped by calling the individuals out on their actions. In the past that would have led to a lot of dwelling on the situation and having those amazing arguments in your head with the other person where you come up with the best arguments and insults. Instead, I’m taking a leaf out of the Disney playbook and letting it go.

As I get older I must be mellowing a little bit. Things that would have royally pissed me off in the past might annoy me for a while before I just laugh and figure that it’s just easier to walk away and let whatever needs to happen just happen rather than causing a stink. If someone is so insensitive to say or do the things they are doing then they probably aren’t going to listen to reasoning so there’s no point right?

One of the people that is testing my resolve is someone I’ve known vaguely for a few years now. He’s been hurt quite badly in a relationship as most of us have. For him that means he is avoiding the idea of a relationship at all costs and filling his time with copious amounts of casual sex and recreational drugs. Of course he is entitled to do that and it’s none of my business. It sounds like he’s having a lot of fun but what I do have a problem with is him calling me prissy and a no-fun zone just because it’s not how I spend my time. Essentially we’ve both been hurt in relationships and have had our confidence rocked but he’s chosen one way of dealing with it and I’ve chosen another. He made a lot of comments recently to me and I’ve just decided that since we aren’t close friends there’s no real relationship to be harmed by it, just let it slide. It’s a shame but sometimes you just have to look out for yourself right?