On Friday afternoon a mate and I packed up his car and headed off for a weekend of naked camping. We met a couple of other guys at the supermarket nearest where we camp and got our supplies before heading off. In years gone by you used to be able to look around the locker room at the gym and see who was gay by who was doing all the grooming. These days it seems like the gay men are doing less grooming than the straight boys.

At the clothing optional retreat/campground that we go to, as with most nude venues, the clientele is on the older end of the spectrum but even amongst the older generations, through the guys our age and younger going completely smooth seems to be quite popular. Obviously there are variations on grooming habits from the completely smooth guys right up to no trimming at all but those non trimmed guys were most definitely in the minority. When I went to Europe last year I went nearly shaved but I still had some closely trimmed hair going on. Just. This year I’m thinking Europe might be the time to go completely smooth. That is if I get myself in shape because I have a theory, or more of an opinion that the completely smooth look works best on guys that are either hung or ripped, preferably both. The men above are clearly very much both. Since I have a waistline that has been threatening to go into “dad bod” territory over the past year or so and an appendage that is perfectly fine but not in the “hung” category, I need to get more ripped before I go “totally nude”.

I do love seeing a nice smooth, tanned man walking around in the sunshine nude.