A long time ago when I was first beginning my nudist explorations of the internet, one of the people I kept seeing on various sites was this guy. His name is Aaron and he used to be a nude reporter for Clothes Free International, visiting all the various nudist clubs and beaches etc around the U.S. I’m not sure whether he ventured further abroad but he always looked good when I saw him.

Over the years he experimented with more and less pubic hair and definitely got more muscular. Towards the end of his “journalistic” career he got a big chest tattoo which looked a little redneck for my tastes but each to their own. As much as nudism is about being comfortable in your own skin and removing all the layers of success or materialism I think Aaron being very nicely built was a good representation for the nudist movement. The young fit guys are the ones that never seem to strip off in the locker room or at the beach even though they work the hardest on their bodies!

Anyone know what he’s up to now?