I’m slowly catching up on video editing from my photo shoots over the past few weeks and yesterday I edited together the footage from my photo shoot with Chris. I’m curious to hear what you all enjoy about these behind the scenes videos and what you don’t. To avoid trouble with YouTube and because Christopher wants to preserve his modesty, as do most of the models, they probably won’t feature any frontal most of the time. The two that I’ve done with frontal haven’t had any problems but it does mean that if I start getting a following then they can’t have advertising on them if they are marked as age restricted.

I’m really happy with how this photo shoot turned out and it goes to prove that people that haven’t done any modelling can still do a great job in front of the camera and look fantastic while doing it. Sure Christopher was a bit nervous but he got more relaxed as we went and he knew his body well and how to move it. He also took direction really well which was great.

Enjoy the video!