Dipping my toe into the world of YouTube vlogs, I’ve been watching lots of vloggers to see what I like and what I don’t about their vlogs. Clearly I have a lot to learn but it’s also a nice way to pass the time and it feels a lot more genuine than watching any reality tv.

One of the vloggers whose videos I’ve been enjoying lately is MarkE Miller. He’s been vlogging for a while and from what I can tell he makes his living from YouTube as well as some sales of merchandise. He and his boyfriend Ethan have got quite the following and the videos have followed their early dating stages as well as them moving in together and their day to day lives. After a few years together they seem to be very genuine lovely guys who have a great life and really enjoy their time together.

Of course my enjoyment of MarkE’s channel is in no small part due to the fact that along with being a nice guy with a real zest for life, Mark is bloody sexy as hell and is prone to vlogging without a shirt from time to time. It doesn’t feel forced or “look at me” like a particular other youtube “sensation” with a rhyming name. Mark feels genuine and down to earth, not like he’s chasing fame under a pretense of global harmony.

Go check him out and enjoy the adventures of Mark and Ethan. They are quite adorable.