Yesterday I was in the mood for a little adult company so I went on to Scruff. This 30 year old messaged me and we started chatting backwards and forwards. It came to pass that he is a total top and I can understand in terms of anal sex that versatility is not for everyone. There are people who just don’t like being fucked, some that just can’t do it and the ones that I struggle with, the ones who don’t because they see being fucked as not masculine enough. I call bullshit on that one but that’s not what this blog is about.

When he said he was a total top he meant it. He doesn’t even suck cock. Now I may be wrong but in my eyes if you don’t suck and you don’t bottom then you are pretty much seeing your sexual partners as random orifices to take advantage of. That is not at all what I’m about. Maybe it’s my own insecurities but I really don’t like the whole dom/sub scenario even in role play. If you have to dominate your partner or you think they are less masculine or worthy than you because they take a cock up the arse or in their mouth, then you have some warped views on masculinity and your own self worth.

My ideal sexual partner is one that I feel comfortable with and is up for a bit of give and take. It may not be in the same session but if you expect to fuck me, that’s great but I’d like to take a turn as well thanks.