This holiday break for me has been very productive. Not in all the ways that it should have been but this morning I did the last of my four scheduled photo shoots.

Last week thought I caught up with Timothy again for our second shoot. The first one I blogged about here. Timothy is a former ballet dancer so we decided we would go into the studio and see what we could do using dance and movement as our starting point. Capturing movement in a studio setting brings with it a lot of technical complications so what we tried was influenced by those complications.

The shot above is one that I am very proud of. The fabric was incredibly lightweight to the point that the air conditioning was blowing it off Timothy’s body if he stood still. I’ve posted this image on Facebook and the response has been incredible. I’ve already had a couple of requests to buy prints.

As you can see we did some other shots as well including the now ever-present “Chair”. They are all good shots but there is something magical about the one above which has been named “Ascension” after taking suggestions online. Email me for print enquiries.