In Sydney we have started 2017 and the rest of the world is starting to follow suit with Europe and Britain just having ticked over in the last couple of hours.

There has been much written and said about what an awful year 2016 was. If you were a celebrity with some health issues then yes. If you were in politics then yes, it was a terrible year. Britain made the absurd decision to leave the EU and well, the less said about Trump the better.

On a personal level however I had a pretty good year. My work situation is pretty good at the moment and there are some interesting things in the pipeline for 2017. My photography work has been very well received including being used as the face of Mardi Gras this coming year. I’m very proud of that.

I’m in a good place as far as my ease with being single and I’m trying to look after my health and mental well being as well. I recently had a brief dating thing with someone and even though it didn’t go anywhere it was very nice to have some cuddles and know that there are people that want to spend time with me in a romantic way.

To everyone that reads this little corner of the internet, thank you for your continued support, feedback and interactions. Even the cranky feisty ones. I wish everyone all the very best for the year ahead. May it be full of whatever you want it to be. For me, that’s travel, hot men, nakedness and lots and lots of laughs with friends and family.