A few months ago at work we had to build a scale model set for a photo shoot and we ended up using some gnarly branches for the set which were sitting in a tub in the store room going to waste. I’d kept them aside because I had an idea for a photo shoot.

That photo shoot happened on Wednesday. Christopher is a guy that I’ve known through friends for a few years. He has a beautiful Instagram account which does contain a lot of selfies but they are beautifully done selfies. None of that duck face bullshit in the bathroom mirror. He’s a very creative guy for work and in life so I asked him to model for me. As you can see he has a beautifully lean athletic build with broad shoulders and not an ounce of fat on him.

It’s always fun working with people that get the creative process which Christopher does. He was very nervous having only done one semi-professional photo shoot in the past. The shoot was fairly fast and a lot of fun. It’s always great when a model just runs with my crazy ideas like being covered in powder and wearing a collar made of sticks.