There are some people that you can remember when you first discovered them, on a billboard, a movie or an Tumblr photo that stops you in your tracks. Then there are people like Joeyjojojr (not his real name, obviously) who creep their way into your consciousness and before you know it you are following their Tumblr, their Instagram and if you are lucky, friends on Facebook.

And so it is with Joey. Thinking back I have a feeling he was involved in the Company of Men exhibition I was a part of in Melbourne a few years ago, probably as a model.

As you can see from these images and his Tumblr, Joey isn’t shy at all and has a fantastically edgy look. In my mind, which could just be wishful thinking, he looks like you’d have hours of dirty sex followed by him making coffee and breakfast in bed with a side of cuddles.

Joey lives in a different state unfortunately but I’m hoping that one day our paths will cross and an edgy, beautiful, sexy collaboration will happen.