The response to the photos of Jorge and his behind the scenes video has been fantastic. It’s no real surprise. We gays do love our sexy muscle boys. It also didn’t hurt that Jorge is cheeky and a really genuinely nice guy as well. Last Monday I photographed him again, alongside the photographer that put us in touch. I was doing a shoot of Andrew and Jorge had some time off and since they are good mates he came along. Once we’d done Andrew’s shots we (quite easily) talked Jorge out of his clothes and got him to join in.

These shots are moody and to me, very sexy. They were a bit nervous about being nude together for the first time but that passed quite quickly and I think we got some really nice shots. It’s a brave man that gets naked for photos alongside Jorge but I think Andrew held his own. The mood is very sexy and has a bit of homoerotic tension to it. Love it.