In a few hours I’ll head off to my sister’s place for some quality family time. We have a low key Christmas Eve and then do the traditional Christmas Day over there and even then, it’s still only 8 of us in total and pretty laid back. I’ve been tasked with some nibbles tomorrow so I have been cooking up a storm and have a little bit more to do.

Christmas can be a bit of a dark time for those people without families or those who just aren’t in a great place so take some time out and reach out to someone who might be struggling this holiday season.

When I wish people a Merry Christmas, that is my way of essentially encompassing all the different religious festivals and observations that happen at this time of year. I’m not educated on all of them so I stick with what I know. To all the people not celebrating at this time of year, thank you for keeping the world turning a bit while the rest of us eat too much, drink too much, laugh as much as possible and probably take an afternoon nap.

Have a great Christmas (or your celebration) and be kind to everyone! I hope my Christmas stocking is full of beautiful men that look like this. A boy can dream.