Yesterday I had my first nude beach trip and spent a few hours in the morning sunning my buns. It was a beautiful day and if I didn’t have things I need to get done today, I’d be down there again. Given that it’s a week day and people are still working the beach was fairly quiet and relaxed. At one point this man walks along the beach, shirtless in some cargo shorts. Not the super baggy long ones epitomised by Abercrombie Frat Boys but my impression was that he was straight. He had a pretty impressive beard going on, hairy chest, stomach and even a bit on his shoulders. Yeah, I like to people watch at the beach, I’m a details guy.

It was when he stripped off and lay down that I got more intrigued. He buried himself in a book for his stay apart from the couple of times he went for a swim. At one point I’d just gone for a quick dip in the water and as I was drying off I noticed his sunglasses. They were mirror finish on the lenses but the frames were bright red plastic in the shape of love hearts. So here is this really tall, rugged sexy looking guy with bright red love heart sunglasses. I couldn’t help but compliment him on them. He just laughed, said thanks and explained that he’d just found them in the street and decided to keep them. It was only after the sunglasses that I noticed his towel too. He was lying on a tiny, bright coloured kids towel.

So now I was even more intrigued by this guy. He had a beautiful naturally athletic shape, the kind that is a bit rare on someone so tall. Not gym muscled but he obviously knew how to use his body and from the tan lines I’m guessing he’s a surfer which would explain his physicality. All of that combined and I think I’ve got him pegged as a really chilled out guy who doesn’t give a rats arse about what people think of him, possibly a father to a young kid/kids which would explain the towel. But then that could be another random find that he’s just taken as his own.

Of course I will never know any of the true story but he had a great vibe about him, definitely a good sexy look about him and he made me smile so he won my dude of the day award that was given out in my head yesterday. Good times.