Today, after another really enjoyable photo shoot with Timothy, I realised that I have been very fortunate that most of my models are easy to work with, down to earth very genuine guys. I had seen Timothy’s Instagram account and left a comment saying that if he was ever in Sydney I’d love to photograph him. He replied straight away saying that he was coming through town on a road trip. So this morning I picked him up and we went to one of the harbour nude beaches for a shoot.

Timothy is such a nice guy and was happy to try the ideas that I had. Like any shoot, not all the shots we got are great and some of them just didn’t work but there are some we are both really happy with. I find his eyes so beautiful, like puppy dog eyes that you could get lost in.

I have never counted how many guys I’ve photographed over the years but I’m doing more photography than I ever have and out of all those guys I would say that I can count on one hand the number of guys that have been a problem. One or two have had a bit of attitude and a few have changed their minds after the shoot and said I couldn’t use the photos which is always frustrating. But the vast majority have been nothing but fun and enjoyable to work with.