I’ve had an idea bouncing around in my head for some time now but the direction has shifted slightly. A while ago I was on the hunt for a vintage armchair like one I’d seen on Instagram. The thought was to take it on all of my photo shoots and photograph the model/models in the chair and end up with a stand alone series that has connections to every photo shoot that I’ve done for a long time.

Finding a vintage armchair proved to be too difficult, I don’t have anywhere to store it and the logistics of carrying a chair like that to all different locations is just too hard. So I decided on a really simple wooden chair. It turns out our friends at the Swedish empire of Ikea have a chair that is perfect. Nearly. The chair is only available in a plain raw pine colour but that is easily fixed with a can of cheap paint and a paint brush to achieve the white chair that is in my mind.

Of course once I finished painting it and it was dry yesterday, I had to take a couple of shots just on my phone to get the ball rolling. Tomorrow is the chair’s first legitimate outing where I’ll be photographing a Brisbane model on the beach. Stay tuned!