Today marks my first day of three weeks off. We finished up work for the year yesterday and I have been dying for this time off. It’s going to be a busy but fantastic three weeks with a few photo shoots lined up, hopefully lots of beach time to work on my tan and relax, as well as some study time.

Yesterday I realised that I’m getting better at having the courage to ask guys to model for me and I hit a guy up who lives in Brisbane. It turns out that he will actually be coming through Sydney twice in the next week and a half so we are doing TWO photo shoots. On Monday morning we are doing a beach shoot which may or may not end up being very creative but it should look beautiful. The model is a dancer who has beautiful boy-next-door looks and a lovely body. When he comes back through Sydney next week we are going to do a dance based shoot in the studio.

One of the other shoots is a model who will be in Australia from Barcelona and actually approached me to do a shoot while he’s here. We are keeping his shoot fairly simple and classic. He has only done a couple of shoots with professional photographers in the past so it will be a studio shoot in underwear, jeans and nude with gorgeous lighting to capture his gorgeous looks.

I just need to focus on my marriage celebrancy course as well. I only have two months I calculate before I need to get it done so that I have time to allow for the approval and registration process which can take a few months.

So my summer holidays won’t all be naked relaxing on the beach but they will be for some of it, that’s for sure.

UPDATE: I just found the video that this gif is from. Watch “Dylan” enjoy some time on the nude beach then spend some quality time alone on that log here.