Two days ago I posted a new winter based challenge. The challenge was for my northern hemisphere counterparts to send in nude snow angel photos! You can be fairly modest depending on whether you are face up or down but I think it will be fun to see if we get many entries.

Marrku is a long-time reader from Finland, home of the Finnish Smoke Sauna. The tradition with Finnish Sauna’s is to sit and sweat it out for a while, periodically beating yourself or your sauna buddies with leaves until you get nice and hot, then run outside and either jump in a damn cold lake or roll around in the snow. Marrku tells me he was at the sauna and outside it was minus 30 degrees celsius when he was rolling around in the snow. So how did he celebrate? He took a photo and we love him for it. Marrku is the photo above. Thanks for getting he ball rolling mate! Now who’s next?

I’ve provided some winter nudity inspiration. Look at all these people out in the snow enjoying it’s therapeutic benefits in the nude! Go do some snow angels!