The last two days here in Sydney have been 35 degrees celsius or over. So last night and the night before a few guys I know and I met up for a cheeky skinny dip.

On Tuesday night it was still really warm at 9-9.30 when we were there and there were still people around but it was dark enough that they didn’t see that we were nude or they didn’t care. In fact one of my mates was rinsing under the shower there, still nude when a couple of guys who were there with a girl walked up and showered as well and didn’t mention a thing. By the time we dipped last night, we’d picked up an extra couple of guys for the group and the rain had come in but skinnydipping in the rain was really lovely.

The place we go to has some pontoons that we swum out to and were jumping off into the water. There was still one small group of people at the end of the little beach and if they saw 6 naked men walking around they certainly didn’t say anything or show any offence. To be honest you’d be hard pressed to see that we were nude. I have no desire to cause offense but a cheeky skinny dip in summer is pretty much an Aussie rite of passage.