Tonight is predicted to be the hottest December night since 1972. At the moment outside (at 1.30pm) it is 37 degrees celsius. Climate change sceptics must really have to work hard to justify constant record breaking weather. So tonight a bunch of guys, including myself are meeting for a cheeky skinny dip to escape the heat.

So while it’s heating up down under, it’s also cooling right down up there in the Northern Hemisphere. My blog buddy Damien has already experienced snow in Kansas but only a light dusting so far. I told him that once it gets more substantial he owes me a nude snow angel. That got me thinking about another challenge for the blog. It’s been a long time since I opened up the prospect of a nudity challenge. There has been a winter nudity challenge several years ago but this time I’m specifically asking for a snow angel, naked.

This gives people the option to be face up or face down. If I find any good snow in Iceland next year I will be doing it for sure. Imagine coming out of a delicious Finnish Sauna, all hot and sweaty, steam rising from your body only to lie down in the snow and do a snow angel! That would be so much fun. Sure there will be shrinkage but it’ll come back out after a minute in the sauna.

Go on guys, I dare you!

Naked hiking in winter from alw84 on Vimeo.