This afternoon someone messaged me on Grindr. I don’t spend much time on Grindr nor do I get a lot of messages on there. This one though was from someone that has messaged me before. The message wasn’t one expressing an interest in me or getting to know me. It was basically warning me off. It was a very snarky message asking if I was still fucking around with young guys and mentioned some guy named Mitch. Now that’s how I knew it was the same guy that has messaged before.

My best guess is that this anonymous (aren’t they always) person has a friend called Mitch that is cheating or being cheated on and they have somehow got me pegged as the “other guy”. I don’t know anyone called Mitch and I’ve never lived in the area that they are saying I do. No amount of reasoning seems to be working and when I got frustrated with being abused and told them to fuck off they got even more threatening. So, yet again, it was a nice quick “block” and that will be the end of it for a month or two until they get bored of their new target and come back.

Whoever I’m allegedly cheating with/on… I didn’t do it. Take your silly messages somewhere else and do your research.