There has always been movement in my life. Growing up my sister and I swam every day, lap after lap. We had tennis lessons. I surfed. I did gymnastics and later on I did a lot of rowing. I’ll always be grateful for that kind of activity as I credit it for my relative good health and decent shape now that I’m in my forties.

One thing I’ve never done is dance. While I’m far from a dance aficionado I have the utmost respect for the way dancers can control their body to do such amazing things with incredible grace and fluidity.

Dance photography is also another thing that I haven’t done but I’m working on changing that. One of the guys I photographed for the #barenakedtruth project is a dancer and has agreed to do a shoot with me. He likes my work and trusts me even though he’s not really done any nude photos other than the #barenakedtruth. It’s going to be fun to create some beautiful imagery and see if I can capture that sense of movement and grace in a still photo.

This video is one I found in my regular perusal on vimeo. This dancer has a beautiful body and some beautiful moves.

Carli Hermès | Spierfonds from Unit c.m.a on Vimeo.