It seems that straight men are sending dick pics to their mates as often as they are sending them to women, if not more.

This article explores vaguely why this is now a thing.

The article isn’t exactly in depth and doesn’t really turn up any answers on why this started or why it’s become popular but I know a group of mates that includes straight and gay men who all send each other nude snap chats and photos.
My guess is that in this day and age where everyone sends nude pics to potential shags or boyfriends/girlfriends that we’ve finally cottoned on that a nude photo is nothing to be ashamed of. Just the other night I was helping  a friend organise a bunch of photos for something and going through his hard drive with him next to me I saw countless photos of his boner, his butt and generally him nude. He apologised a couple of times but I just laughed and kept going. It’s what you call a non-issue.
I can completely understand why women don’t want to be sent a dick pic by a strange guy that she’s never met before he’s even said hello. It puts me off a bit when on scruff someone unlocks their private album before they’ve even said hello and they consider that enough communication to warrant a fuck. That said, the idea of a bunch of straight mates, who have probably been drunken skinny dipping, tag team shagged a girl or just seen each other changing at the gym, all sending each other silly nude shots is really entertaining to me. Why the hell not?