Last night was a launch party for the Sydney Mardi Gras season where a lot of the key events are announced. The other thing that was officially announced that I’ve been dying to talk about is that the My People My Tribe imagery is an integral part of the theme for Mardi Gras 2017. Creating Equality is the overall theme and the portraits we created for the project are used in the imagery. The lettering with our images have also been turned into huge free standing letters which I believe will be going up the Mardi Gras Parade route.

To have such a public recognition of the #Barenakedtruth project and overwhelming support is very satisfying. Josh worked so hard putting the project together and rallying all the people together to take the brave leap of faith and pose nude for the first time. I spent an exhausting but incredibly satisfying five days photographing all the volunteers. It makes me very proud to see that they will get the visibility that they deserve. The stories of all LGBTIQ people should be heard as it’s one of the most effective ways to combat discrimination and hatred and this project presented the stories in a beautiful way.