When I came out at the age of 25, I was led to believe that this new found sexual identity would also endow me with an infallible skill of identifying like-minded men. I think when the gay gods handed my gaydar to me they grabbed a recycled, broken-down model that hadn’t been refurbished. It’s jut not a talent that I have.

On Friday night I was working at a function with my work colleagues doing our version of a photo booth. The party was for an alcohol company at a luxury harbourside mansion here in Sydney. Very nice indeed. The crowd was all super cool types including lots of very good looking people. With fashion being what it is at the moment it’s very hard to tell the gay boys from the straight boys and I think that’s a great thing. In the photo booth we had a lot of straight mates that when the photo was taken, one of them would give a surprise kiss on the cheek of his mate for a laugh. At one point I said to one of the guys “We’ve had lots of straight boys kissing tonight” to which he replied “Who said anything about straight boys?” which just got me even more confused. From all their banter together I’m still pretty sure they were just straight mates having a laugh.

Another guy kept coming back with friends to the photo booth and he was very very flirty with me. He made sure he asked my name and told me his, kept giving me winks, high fives and big smiles. In one of his photos he dragged me in and pinched me on the nipple as the photo was being taken but he was definitely a straight boy. The thing these days is so many guys around 30 and under, here in the gay friendly city of Sydney just don’t have any cares about flirting with gay boys. They don’t want to have sex with us, but they just love the flirt. My colleagues and I were pretty sure he and his mates had snorted a few lines of coke and were just having a great fun time.

Until my gaydar gets repaired I’m quite content to have straight boys flirt with me and I’ll happily enjoy their new found love of form fitting trousers that hug their perky buns.