In a rare burst of motivation I went to the gym a lot last week. Five mornings before work I hauled my arse to the gym as well as a group training session at work and circus class. Then on Sunday I decided I was in the mood to go to the gym again. It’s very rare indeed for me to take myself off to the gym on a weekend although it does provide opportunities to see other hotties that aren’t there at 6am on weekdays. New hotties to provide inspiration and eye candy are always good.

As I walked in to the locker room to get changed for my workout there was a guy just putting his stuff in a locker. He was standing there completely naked and totally unselfconscious. It’s rare to see guys completely nude in my gym locker room at the best of times and even more rare to see someone not quickly putting on underwear after dropping a towel or quickly making sure that no one sees them.

Even I had a moment of being self conscious this morning when I had just finished drying myself off and was about to fold my towel up before getting dressed when a friend walked in and for a split second I felt awkward. Then I remembered we’d gone with a group of friends to the nude beach and even though he didn’t get nude, he like a lot of people in this world has seen me naked before. So I just carried on as per usual.

It’s so nice feeling comfortable naked around friends and other people in general. It makes me chuckle at how prudish I used to be.