In a couple of days my housemate is leaving to go and visit his family in the UK while his mother goes through some medical treatment as well as being there for Christmas. While my housemate and I get along fine, he’s not at all a nudie and nudity just doesn’t happen around the house.

So for just over a month, the photos above give a pretty good indication of what my dress code will be around the house. It’s getting nice and warm here at the moment and while we do have neighbours, the windows that can see into our back deck are never really used. The back deck isn’t somewhere I can sit out naked but there might be times where I give it a try depending on how brave I feel.

Who knows, I may even see if I can give my mojo a kick start and have the occasional gentleman caller over. There’s nothing really stopping me from doing that at the moment but the walls aren’t very thick in this house and I’m not a fan of making my housemate listen to any shenanigans that might happen.

Summer is coming in Sydney and it feels like it’s going to be a great one.