Last week I was watching a photography challenge on Canon’s Youtube page and the guest judges were travel photography gurus and brothers, the Jauncey brothers. They have amassed a following of millions on their instagram page @beautifuldestinations and individually have hundreds of thousands of followers for their own accounts. One of the brothers in particular, Jeremy made me feel a tingle in my special places.

This is a fine example of what happens when you have a mixed heritage of Colombian mother and British father, coupled with a dedication to fitness and a lifestyle that you absolutely love. You have amazing good looks, a rocking body and a big glorious smile that holds fools like me captive. That is until I get distracted by those pecs. Oh how content I would be sleeping on those pecs. It looks like Jeremy has a pretty cool sense of style and looks nearly as good in clothes as he does mostly out of them. We all know though, that I would enthusiastically encourage him out of all of them.

Jeremy has done really well for himself after selling a successful business which in turn enabled him to start a venture capital company which now funds Beautiful Destinations. Anyone who achieves so much by the age of 31 is clearly a driven man and that’s easy to understand when you are doing something as fun as travelling the world taking beautiful photos. As well as inspiring quite a healthy dose of lust, Jeremy is also inspiring my always present wanderlust.